CSA Monthly Giving Program

Your support is welcome and encouraged in any number of ways to help us fulfill our mission of serving as the community’s safety net, providing critical support services that preserve and promote stability, self-reliance and dignity.

Monthly giving is particularly important to CSA as an ongoing and reliable source of support, especially during these challenging times.

Here Are Some Examples Of What Your Monthly Gift Can Do Over a Year


$10 keeps the lights and heat on for a family struggling with an emergency financial situation for one month.


$25 covers prescription medication copays for a senior for a year.


$50 buys nutritious groceries, including fresh produce and high protein items, for dozens of families.


$100 covers hotel stays for up to 10 nights for homeless seniors and other fragile individuals to heal safely after a medical emergency.


$250 pays for one month’s rent for a family facing eviction, keeping their children stably housed.

Benefits of Monthly Giving

  • It’s convenient for both you and CSA for gifts to be automated.
  • It’s helpful for CSA to be able to rely on consistent gifts.
  • You can stay connected to CSA and see the impact of your donations.
  • Your giving is incredibly impactful.

Your gift of any amount is appreciated!

Please consider joining our Monthly Giving Program today!