Homeless Services

Housing takes the largest portion of a household's income.

Loss of a job or even a cutback on hours can be devastating to an individual or family living paycheck to paycheck. Even with a job, an unexpected expense — a car repair, a medical bill, or school supplies — can send a family into an economic crisis with potential loss of housing and the stability that comes with it.

CSA homeless case managers assist with:

  • Information to locate and secure affordable housing
  • Assistance with benefits and health services
  • Financial assistance with one month’s rent once clients secure employment and a place to live that fits within their budget
  • Food is also available through our Food & Nutrition Center

For more information regarding our Homeless Services program, contact our Homeless Services Program Director.

“…everything was overwhelming…financially, emotionally, physically…and spiritually.” – CSA homeless client

For shelter placement in Santa Clara County, please contact the Here-4-U Hotline at (408) 385-2400.