CSA’s Young Professionals is an action-oriented service group comprised of socially conscious young professionals who are motivated to take action and bring awareness to the issue of local poverty through fundraising, advocacy, social and volunteer efforts on behalf of the agency. Through the diverse demographic of young professionals and their talents, these up and coming local leaders create unity in sharing the vision of CSA within their networks and places of work. Young Professionals are an essential part of continuing CSA’s leadership and volunteer base for younger generations.


With the pandemic still looming in the background, our low-income neighbors are among the most vulnerable, especially individuals and families who are unhoused or teetering on the brink of homelessness. Our low-income seniors are also at risk.

In 2020, CSA saw a staggering increase in the number of people applying for assistance. Nearly 1,000 households received rent or utility assistance, a three-fold increase from the previous year. There are many unknowns facing the community as we head into 2021, but one thing we do know is that the number of people seeking food and financial assistance will continue to grow.

This year, we are inviting local young professionals to help create the framework for building a high-impact, customized social responsibility program that will be an integral part to CSA’s impact. Participation in CSA’s Young Professionals group offers opportunities in professional development, leadership, advocacy, fundraising and education.

Members are tasked with guiding the vision and implementation of CSA’s Young Professional engagement, as well as informing CSA’s leadership of the types of service opportunities that interest young professionals.

Objectives Include

  • Directly volunteer with CSA to help accomplish their mission of serving local neighbors in need, whether it’s:
    • Emergency Financial Assistance
    • Food & Nutrition
    • Senior Case Management
    • Senior Lunch & Nutrition
    • Homeless Services
  • Educate within your company, the local community and members’ networks about the work and mission of CSA.
  • Advocate on behalf of people in need of decent shelter and for an end to hunger.
  • Raise funds for the work of CSA.
  • Participate and create space for transformational leadership and professional development with the Young Professionals group.


  • Build networking opportunities with like-minded socially conscious individuals. CSA’s Professional Programs will help connect YPs with one another so they can better share ideas and lessons.
  • Earn leadership opportunities. Established members may take leadership of the group as one of the co-chairs, or mentor new members, as well as engage with senior CSA members and affiliate staff.
  • Gain access to training and resources designed specifically for CSA staff to help recruit, engage and mobilize members.
  • Build your résumé with volunteerism and advocacy.


  • Join YP monthly calls to discuss CSA news, upcoming events and brainstorm additional ideas and plans for the YP group.
  • Volunteer time with CSA, whether it’s during regular volunteer program hours or during special events – aim for one per quarter.
  • Hold one fundraiser per year to raise funds for CSA. Our annual wine tasting event, Empty Glasses, launched two years ago and modified as an enjoyable virtual event in 2020, has been a great success, bringing new people into CSA’s network, and generating income to support the agency’s program and services.
  • Recruit new YP members each year so that this group continues to grow and bring in new local talent and ideas – use your community or connection to share the program.
  • Finally, be an active participant on the group alias – check email for announcements or volunteer requests.

Meet Our Volunteers

Young Professional Spotlight: Hannah Alpert

We are delighted to spotlight Hannah Alpert, YP member and active volunteer at CSA. She has been with the Young Professionals group since January of 2021. Attending monthly meetings, networking with CSA staff, helping plan Empty Glasses, delivering food to COVID-positive clients, and volunteering at the Back-to-School event we held…

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Spotlight on Kate Johnson, 2021 YP Empty Glasses Chair

As Volunteer Appreciation Month draws to a close, we are delighted to close our month-long volunteer series with this profile on Kate Johnson, chair of this year’s Young Professionals Empty Glasses event. A fourth-generation Californian, Kate grew up in Sacramento and attended Claremont McKenna College, concentrating on Government and Economics.…

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More Information

If you have any questions about CSA Young Professionals, or are interested in hearing more or becoming part of the Young Professionals group, please email [email protected].