Dear Friends of CSA,
For several years, CSA has been included in media coverage for our work assisting those impacted by the affordable housing crisis. Over the last 10 days that coverage has increased considerably.
Below is a link to yesterday’s San Jose Mercury News front page article on the lack of affordable housing throughout the country, and especially in the Bay Area. This article speaks to the increase in homelessness among people working multiple jobs, the increase in people living in their vehicles and the increase in people looking to CSA for services. More than anything, this article gets to the reason that we are in a crisis: the lack of affordable housing.
Click on the links below to read this article, as well as other recent related coverage:
On Monday, June 18, we will be hosting a live Facebook session to answer your questions about these issues that impact us all. To access the conversation, visit CSA’s Facebook page at 10:30AM.
As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns.
Warm regards,
Tom Myers
Executive Director

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