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This year’s annual holiday food and gift card distribution event is coming up soon – launching on December 7th and continuing through December 23. The program is available to all Mountain View/Los Altos area seniors, individuals and families who meet CSA’s eligibility requirements and are registered CSA clients by December 21, 2020.

The program has two components:
1) a holiday food distribution for all clients
2) a holiday gift program for seniors, unhoused clients and families with children.

This year, we are going to a “contact-free” gift card program to minimize the spread of COVID and other illnesses. We are requesting $25 Target gift cards and/or $50 Safeway gift cards.

The $25 Target gift cards will be given to up to 1,800 children, seniors and unhoused clients. Please note that due to storage and safety concerns, CSA is no longer able to accept toys, clothing or any other in-kind donations. We encourage supporters to donate $25 Target gift cards directly to the agency or use this link to make a gift toward their purchase. 

The $50 Safeway gift cards will be given to approximately 650 households, including seniors, unhoused individuals and families, during our holiday food distribution. The gift cards will replace the special holiday bags we have provided in the past. This change is due to safety protocols CSA has put in place to reduce disease transmission. We encourage supporters to donate $50 Safeway gift cards directly to the agency or use this link to make a gift toward their purchase.

Also due to COVID concerns, we are no longer able to accept any perishable food donations at this time. Click here for a list of non-perishable items that would make our clients’ holidays a little brighter. We encourage community members to drop off food donations outside of regular food distribution hours to avoid parking challenges. You can also call us at (650) 968-0836, ext. 100 to arrange for a contactless drop-off.

You may be wondering why we have made these changes. In addition to reducing the potential for coronavirus transmission by having less “stuff” to handle, CSA believes in providing our clients the resources to make their own choices. Last year as part of our Holiday Sharing Program, we began the transition from a toy distribution event to a gift card distribution, providing parents the opportunity to purchase what their children wanted and needed for a holiday gift. 

Here is a summary of the ways you can help:

Refer individuals and families who might benefit from CSA’s food pantry and/or emergency financial assistance program. They can contact us at (650) 968-0836, ext. 100, to schedule an appointment.

Volunteer to help distribute during food distributions. Please call LaDrea Clark at (650) 964-4630 or email her at [email protected] to schedule a shift.

Donate to the cause! – Drop off $25 Target gift cards and $50 Safeway gift cards to CSA so clients can purchase what they need. If you would prefer to make a financial gift to help us purchase gift cards, please click here to do so.

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  1. Thank you CSA.

    I have been a long time volunteer in the Nutrition center and donor to your Holiday programs. I am so impressed how you all stepped up to the plate when Covid hit. I am happy to donate gift cards for the holidays. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know. The nutrition center is not an option because I am older and am in danger of contracting the virus. We loved the Heroes celebration even when we could watch it the next day.
    Well deserved, Tom – you are special.

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