Agency InformationCOVID-19 Response

CSA is gearing up to respond to the surging number of COVID cases anticipated during the winter months; the vulnerable populations we serve are the most at risk both in terms of health and economic stability. We anticipate a potential tidal wave of community need when the eviction moratorium comes to an end in late January. And many in the community continue to rely on other services CSA offers such as nutritious groceries, senior lunches and case management support, now being conducted in person in our parking lot for clients with special circumstances.

We continue to bring groceries to those diagnosed with COVID 7 days a week so they can quarantine safely at home and avoid spreading the virus. Our rental assistance program is keeping many of our community members housed – we are nearing the 1,000 mark of households assisted since the start of the pandemic and approximately 700 of those have also received a second month of assistance. We also are seeing record numbers participate in our senior lunch program (now drive through) – the number of people served each day is approaching 200. Our food pantry services in the parking lot remain a critical source of nutrition, serving nearly 1,400 individuals in the month of November alone.

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