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CSA is pleased to announce the advancement of Brandi Jothimani to Director of Client Programs. Brandi has been with CSA since 2016, first serving as a case manager working with clients on the brink of losing their housing and then moving into her most recent position as Program Director of Homeless Prevention Services. In her new position, Jothimani will oversee the programs the community relies on to keep individuals and families stable during these challenging times.

Brandi’s proudest accomplishment at CSA has been overseeing a rapidly-expanding rental relief program, now serving 15 times the number of households assisted in a typical year prior to the pandemic. “Brandi’s commitment to developing the rental relief program has not gone unnoticed. CSA’s program is now one of the largest in the county, helping countless numbers of individuals and families remain in their homes during COVID-19,” says Executive Director Tom Myers.

Brandi’s demonstrated leadership abilities, Spanish-language skills, and ability to serve as the voice of CSA’s clients have set her up for success in her new role. “We are excited to bring yet another great example of female leadership to the helm of CSA,” says Myers. “Brandi’s ability to communicate with and advocate for our clients makes her the perfect fit for our new position. I am confident she will continue to thrive at and grow with CSA.”

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