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We are delighted to announce the promotion of longtime CSA employee Simone Berkowitz to the role of Development Director. Simone began her work at CSA five years ago running the Challenge Diabetes Program, next moved into an analyst role, and has served in an interim capacity leading fundraising efforts since October.

Simone has an Economics degree from MIT and a Master’s in Public Policy from UC Berkeley. A data person at her core, she has worked in an analyst capacity at organizations ranging from the Brookings Institution to Google. Simone is excited to bring her skills and experience to this new role in fundraising. “I have spent the last few years improving CSA’s ability to collect data on the work we do and I’m thrilled to be able to share both the numbers and the important stories behind them with the community who so generously supports us.

Says Tom Myers, CSA Executive Director, “Simone has been passionate about her work and committed to CSA since day one. During the pandemic, she went above and beyond, helping out wherever there was a need. Now more than ever, our fundraising efforts are critical to the long term health of CSA and I am confident that we are in good hands with Simone in the lead.”

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  1. Congratulations to Simone—so proud of your work and all you have done to support CSA from the Diabetes program, Chief Analyst, and now the New Development Director.

    Thank you for all you do and balance the goodness to have also taught our USF nurses as well…..and such.

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